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Sanger Unified School District

*** For live updates call the SUSD Fog Line at (559) 524-6658

Announcements will be made on the following television channels and/or radio stations beginning at 6:00 a.m. when buses are running late due to fog or bad weather.

Channel 24, Channel 30, Channel 47, Channel 18 & Radio Station KMJ

The television and radio stations will provide the following plan information:

If PLAN “A” is announced there will be a two (2) hour bus delay;
If PLAN “B” is announced there will be a three (3) hour bus delay; and
If PLAN “C” is announced all home to school transportation is cancelled for the day.

Note:  Under Plans A, B & C buses will follow the regular schedule in the afternoon to take students home.

Students who walk or have their own transportation to school may arrive at their normal time; however, parents and students are advised to exercise discretion relative to particular conditions in and around their respective school attendance areas Parents and students should be familiar with these plans.  Parents are urged to use caution in determining how conditions affect their studentís method of getting to and from school.  Parents may opt to send their Kindergarten ñ 12th grade students after the fog has lifted.  Students will not be penalized if tardy due to fog.

In the event that a Foggy day Schedule is called on a Late Start day, please anticipate a slight delay in pick up times for home to school transportation.  For both Sanger High School and Washington Academic School, the Late Start Bus Schedule will not be used.  Instead, buses will run using the regualr schedule stop times with a two-hour delay for Plan A, and a three-hour delay for Plan B.

Día de niebla Programa de Procedimientos

Anuncios Y avisos por televisión y radio se harán en los siguientes canales de televisión y en los siguientes estaciones de radio comenzando a las 6:00 de la mañana cuando los buses escolares correrán tarde debido a la neblina o mal tiempo.


Por favor de escuchar con estas estaciones de televisión o una de estas estaciones de radio para enterarse de todos los avisos y anuncios.

Cuando los buses escolares no corren a tiempo debido a la neblina, el siguiente plan de información tocante al horario de buses será anunciado por las estaciones ya mencionadas.

PLAN “A”:  Los buses dilatarán dos (2) horas
PLAN “B”:  Los buses dilatarán tres (3) horas
PLAN “C”:  Toda las transportación de casa a la escuela se ha cancelado para el dîa.

NOTA:  Bajo los planes A, B, C, los buses seguirán el horario regular en la tarde al llevar los niños a casa.