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Sanger Unified School District

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Password: apachesR#1

Cultural Grams
Grades 3 - 12
Reports on 209 countries; Maps - information on daily life, culture, history & customs

SIRS Discoverer
Grade 3 - 9
Non-fiction books, newspaper, magazine articles, graphs, tables & political cartoons

biography in context
Grades 6 +
Reference collections of periodical & digital media content

SHS Databases

Grades 9+
Journals, magazines, newspapers, videos, reports, & other content.

Grades 6+
Delivers pros & cons on today’s complex social issues with relevant, credible information that tells the whole story.

Grades 8+
Self-guided product support information literacy, writing, & research skills instruction.

dogo news, fodder for young minds

Smithsonian Tween Tribune


Science Daily, your source for the latest research news

Kiddle, kids safe search

Sweet Search, a search engine for students