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Sanger Unified School District

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History Day

National Archives logo

Primary source resources for students to use on projects.

Library of Congress logo

Primary source documents, letters, diaries, video, audio, maps, and much more. Hard to search but worth the effort. logo

Multimedia history of World War I; including primary source documents. The site has changed and has quite a few ads embedded in information. logo

Our - Interactive links to original historic documents.

California National History Day Logo

Resources for students, parents
& teachers.

Trump and tragedy

2018 Theme

UNC University Libraries

Links to subject related primary source documents. Many databases available.

Taking a Stand in History Logo

Resources, rules, videos, lessons, topics, themes, and worksheets on National History Day.

footnote icon

Links to primary source databases; many available. Some for fee & some free!

Fresno County Library logo

Search for books and resources for History Day. Request Inter Library Loans from other libraries. Search the local history for great topics.

National Archives Doc Teach logo

Online activites and lessons using primary source documents. Find a lesson or build your own.

The Avalon Project logo

The Avalon Project will mount digital documents relevant to the fields of Law, History, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government.

American Libraries Association

The American Library Association has a listing of links to locating primary sources on the web.

Digital History

Interactive timeline and subjects for historical research.

Stanford History Education Group