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Phone number: 559-524-6521  
Fax number: 559-875-1081

Karina Ledezma, H.R. Supervisor, Confidential
Stephanie Kuraspediani, H.R. Technician II, Confidential
Araceli Piña, H.R. Technician I, Substitutes/Work Comp
Vicki Roth, Director of Classified Personnel, Recruitment & Testing
Hope Lucero, H.R. Technician II, Personnel Commission, Recruitment & Testing

Sanger Unified employs approximately 400 permanent classified staff members in a wide variety of jobs. Job opportunities may exist in the following fields: child development assistant, para educators for special needs students, clerical and secretarial, custodial, technology, child nutrition services, health services-LVN, grounds, maintenance, and transportation. Positions in Early Childhood Education (Pre-School teacher) require a permit.
The calendar on the right shows closing dates and test dates of classified job recruitments by placing your cursor over each bolded date.  Current job openings are listed below the calendar.  To see the job announcement for current job openings, click on the job title.  To find an alphabetical listing of job descriptions, click on Job Descriptions on the side bar to the left. To apply for an open position, click on Employment Opportunities under the HR Link above. The link will take you directly to the Edjoin website.  Applications can also be submitted in Human Resources, 1905 Seventh Street, Sanger, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. weekdays.


Sanger Unified is a merit system school district.  The merit system consists of rules and procedures which cover classified employees including the application/hiring process.  All applications are reviewed to ensure the application is complete and the applicant meets minimum qualifications as stated on the job announcement.  All candidates who apply for a position receive notification as to whether or not he/she will continue in the recruitment process.

It is up to the candidate to contact Human Resources for:   

  • verification that an application has been received, or
  • confirmation that candidate meets minimum qualifications.  
Failure to submit an application or list educational or work experience required to meet minimum qualifications by the filing deadline will cause an application to be denied.  Sanger Unified cannot be responsible for application or electronic mail submission failure or lost or undeliverable US mail.

Practice Tests

We have provided a variety of links to study guides, practice tests, and information on test subject areas such as typing, English as a second language, food service, custodial, grounds, instructional aide, mechanic, and inteview question samples.  Go to the "HR tab at the top of the page and then to "Personnel Commission".  Click on the "Practice Tests" tab on the right then click on "Tests and Links".  You can find more test subject areas at  Click on the "Links" section at the top of the page then scroll down to "Test Practice and Study Materials-Various Sites".

For more specific information about the application/hiring process, read the following and go to the "Personnel Commission" tab from the "HR" menu above.

Health and Welfare Benefit Summary

Sanger Unified School District offers a comprehensive health and welfare package to all employees who work more than 30 hours per week.  This coverage is effective after six months of employment and is also for spouses and dependents up to age 26 at no additional charge. 

The District contributes $11,000 to each qualified Classified employee's health and welfare package.  Employees pay from $200 to $650 monthly depending on individual choices, which are deducted from the monthly paycheck.

Medical insurance is provided through Anthem Blue Cross, which also includes prescription drug coverage and an employee assistance program.  Also included is Delta Dental insurance and vision care through Vision Service Plan (VSP).  Employees can choose their level of coverage within the medical and dental plans. Term life insurance is provided for the employee.  Term life insurance for spouse and dependents can be purchased separately through American Fidelity. 

Additional Employee Benefits

All employees in permanent positions receive paid vacation, paid holidays and sick leave.  Employees working less than 12 months per year receive paid vacation in the form of monetary pay added to their salary.

Permanent employees are members of the California Public Employees Retirement System, or CalPERS, which provides a variety of retirement programs and services dedicated to protecting the financial security of members including retirement benefits, disability benefits and death benefits.  Members can purchase additional benefits such as long-term care benefits and participate in the member home loan program.  The website address is: and the CalPERS Customer Contact Center number is 1-888-225-7377, available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The Fresno Regional Office is located at 10 River Park Place East, Suite 230, Fresno, CA 93720.  Fax number is 559-440-4901.

Substitute Employment

Sanger Unified employs approximately 75 - 100 substitute classified employees on an on-call basis.  Substitute employees have applied for open positions and have taken the written tests for individual positions. Substitute employees are paid on an hourly basis.  Employees are called to work using the Aesop Online sub caller system.  

Help Desk Phone Number:          559-524-6552

Substitute Employee Retirement System

Substitute employees are members of the APPLE Retirement System (Accumulated Program For Part Time and Limited Service Employees), provided by Keenan & Associates.  The website address is  To get a variety of forms, go to the Quick Links menu on the left side and click on "APPLE Forms".  To get instructions for APPLE plan members to access their account information online, click on "APPLE Participant Web Site Access Instructional Flyer".

Permanent employees who previously worked at Sanger Unified as substitute employees may have an APPLE account with contributions paid during the substitute employment time.

Bargaining Unit Representation

Sanger Unified School District recognizes the California School Employees Association (CSEA) Chapter 153 as the exclusive representative for classified employees.  A copy of the contract can be found under the HR Main Page link on the left side bar.

Employee Absences

All employees must enter absences through the sub caller system.

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District Policies
The Governing Board and the Personnel Commission are committed to equal opportunities for all individuals in education. District programs, activities, and employment shall be free from discrimination based on sex, race, color, religion, national origin, ethnic group, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, section 504 disability or any other unlawful consideration.

Nondiscrimination in Employment

The Sanger Unified School District Governing Board prohibits discrimination against and/or harassment of district employees and job applicants at any district site or activity on the basis of actual or perceived race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, veteran status, gender, sex or sexual orientation.

The Board also prohibits retaliation against any district employee or job applicant who complains, testifies, assists, or in any way prticipates in the district's complaint procedures instituted pursuant to this policy.  

Any employee or job applicant who believes that she/he has been, or is being, discriminated against or harassed in violation of district policy or regulation should immediately contact their supervisor, the Coordinator, or the Superintendent, who shall advise the employee or applicant about the District's procedures for filing, investigating, and resolving any such complaints.

The entire Board Policy on nondiscrimination in employment can be found at Board Policy Article 4, BP 4030 (a) (b).

Reasonable Accommodation

Except when undue hardship would result to the district, the Superintendent or designee shall provide reasonable accommodation in the job application process, to any qualified job applicant with a disability.  Reasonable accommodation means:  For a job applicant with a disability, modifications or adjustments to the job application process that enable him/her to be considered for the position he/she desires.

The entire Administration Regulation (AR) pertaining to reasonable accommodation can be found at Board Policy Article 4, AR 4032(a).

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