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Sanger Unified School District

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559-524-6521 (voice)
559-875-1081 (fax)

Karina Ledezma, H.R. Supervisor, Confidential

Stephanie Kuraspediani, H.R. Technician II, Confidential

Araceli Piña, H.R. Technician I, Substitutes/Work Comp

Gayle DiGiorno, Clerical Assistant III

* The current CBA between Sanger Unified Teacher's Association and Sanger Unified School District can be found below under "SUTA Contract."

*All certificated job announcements are posted on, and all applicants must submit their application via the EdJoin website only.

*Effective 9-10-14, the daily Substitute rates have increased to $120 per day for Elementary and $125 per day for Secondary.  The long term rate for more than 10 days has been increased to $130 per day for both Elementary and Secondary levels.