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Sanger Unified School District

Classified Employment

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Karina Ledezma, H.R. Supervisor, Confidential -

Stephanie Kuraspediani, H.R. Specialist, Confidential -

Araceli Piña, H.R. Technician, Substitutes/Work Comp -

Gayle DiGiorno, Office Assistant -

Vicki Roth, Director of Classified Personnel, Recruitment & Testing -

Hope Lucero, H.R. Specialist, Personnel Commission, Recruitment & Testing -

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Sanger Unified employs over 500 permanent classified staff members in a wide variety of jobs. Job opportunities may exist in the following fields: child development assistant, para educators for special needs students, clerical and secretarial, custodial, technology, child nutrition services, health services-LVN, grounds, maintenance, and transportation. Positions in Early Childhood Education (Pre-School teacher) require a permit.

Employment Opportunities / Job Openings CSEA Agreement 2017-2018


Sanger Unified is a merit system school district. The merit system consists of rules and procedures which cover classified employees including the application/hiring process. All applications are reviewed to ensure the application is complete and the applicant meets minimum qualifications as stated on the job announcement. All candidates who apply for a position receive notification as to whether or not he/she will continue in the recruitment process.

It is up to the candidate to contact the Personnel Commission Office for:

  • Verification that an application has been received, or
  • Confirmation that candidate meets minimum qualifications. 

Failure to submit an application or list educational or work experience required to meet minimum qualifications by the filing deadline will cause an application to be denied. Sanger Unified cannot be responsible for application or electronic mail submission failure or lost or undeliverable US mail.

Practice Tests

We have provided a variety of links to study guides, practice tests, and information on test subject areas such as typing, English as a second language, food service, custodial, grounds, instructional aide, mechanic, and interview question samples.

Find Practice Tests & Information Links

Application and Testing Information Tips for Taking a Multiple Choice Test

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