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Sanger Unified School District

Sanger Unified 2017-2018

Local Control & Accountability Plan

What is LCAP?

The LCAP is an important component of the LCFF. Under the LCFF all LEAs are required to prepare an LCAP, which describes how they intend to meet annual goals for all pupils, with specific activities to address state and local priorities identified pursuant to EC Section 52060(d).

Sanger Unified District Overview

2017-2018 Estimated LCAP Funds


  • 20 Schools
  • 98% Graduation Rate
  • 1,500 Employees
  • 12,120 Students
  • 25 Students per teacher in K-3
  • $11,310 Spent per student annually

GOAL #1: Student Achievement

The district will provide a high quality educational system to raise the academic achievement of all students.

Standardized Test Performance & Progress

ELA 48%
MATH 40%
(meet or exceeded)

CA Dashboard Distance from Level 3

ELA  -19.7
MATH  -33.1

Completion of A-G

% of 4-Year Cohort that completed A-G requirement

Completion of at Least 1 Year of CTE Course

% of Cohort that Completed at Least 1 CTE Pathway

Percent of Students who Passed an AP Exam with a 3 or Higher

% of Students Who Passed an AP Exam With a Score of 3 or Higher

College & Career Indicator

54.4% Prepared

EAP College Readiness Results

ELA  60.2%
MATH  32%


($7 million) of the estimated LCAP Funds

Actions & Services
  • Additional instructional supports for sites
  • Technology
  • Early literacy
  • College and career readiness
  • Professional learning
  • Enrichment
  • Career technical education
  • Library media services
  • Class size reduction - CDS# 1062514

For a detailed look and to download the full LCAP Plan, please visit:

For more information on the LCFF, visit the California Department of Education at

GOAL #2: Close the Achievement Gap

The district will provide a high quality educational system for all students focusing on high academic rigor with a Multi-Tiered System with a focus on narrowing the achievement gap for all Student Groups.


($9 million) of the estimated LCAP Funds

District Outcomes
  • 296 Reclassified English
  • Learners EL Reclassfication Rate 13.4%
  • High School Graduation Rate 98.1%
  • High School Dropout Rate 1.7%

Actions & Services
  • Academic Interventions & Supports
  • Social-Emotional Learning & Behavioral Supports
  • Additional Instructional Supports
  • Technology
  • Professional Learning
  • Enrichment
  • College & Career
  • CTE
  • Library Media Services

GOAL #3: Ensure a Safe Environment

The district will operate with increasing efficiency and effectiveness in all areas of operation promoting a safe school environment.


($4 million) of the estimated LCAP Funds

District Outcomes
  • Attendance 95.6%
  • Chronic Absenteeism 7.8%
  • Suspension Rate 3.4%
  • District-wide 97.4% Average on facilities inspection tool results
  • 82% of parent surveys were returned

Actions & Services
  • Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Social-Emotional & Behavorial Services