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General Institutional Preconditions

General Statement

Pursuant to Education Code Section 44227 (and 44265 where applicable for Education Specialist Program) Sanger Unified School District Induction Program adheres continually to the following requirements of California State Law or Commission Policy.  Following is the program response to the general preconditions as well as all other applicable program specific preconditions.

1) Accreditation and Academic Credit

Sanger Unified School District’s Superintendent, Dr. Dennis Wiechmann, verifies the school board’s approval of sponsorship of the SUSD Induction program. 

Superintendent’s letter

2) Enrollment and Completion

Sanger Unified School District offers an approved program that meets adopted standards until an enrolled candidate:

  1. Completes the program
  2. Withdraws from the program
  3. Is dropped from the program based on established criteria or
  4. Is admitted to another approved program to complete the requirements, with minimal disruption, for the authorization

Superintendent’s letter

In the event the Induction program closes, a teach out plan which includes individual transition plans for each candidate as well as a plan for candidates and graduates to access their student records will be developed.

In the event that the district is no longer able to sponsor the Induction Program, the district will establish a Memorandum of Understanding with the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools Induction Program ensuring teachers in the District can complete the requirements for Induction in a Commission  approved program. The current program director will coordinate with the Induction coordinator of the transferring program and provide transcripts for each participating teacher showing what requirements the teacher has completed up to that point.  All electronic records of completed work will be accessible to participating teachers enabling them to make copies for their reference.

3) Responsibility and Authority.

To continue our accreditation by the Committee on Accreditation, Sanger Unified School District will provide the following information:

  1. Sanger Unified’s Program Coordinator is responsible for ongoing oversight of all educator preparation programs offered by SUSD, including our pre-Induction, Induction, and residency programs.
  2. The Program Coordinator reports directly to the SUSD’s Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources person. All Induction Mentors and Pre-Induction Mentors are monitored and trained by the Program Coordinator.

Organizational Chart

In Sanger Unified School District only the Program Coordinator recommends teachers for a clear credential upon successful completion of the Induction Program. 

Superintendent’s letter

4) Lawful Practices.

Sanger Unified School District makes all personnel decisions without unlawful discrimination.  SUSD does not discriminate in regards to employment, retention or promotion of employees.

The Sanger Unified School District (SUSD) is committed to equal opportunity for all individuals in education and in employment. SUSD prohibits discrimination, harassment, intimidation and bullying in any employment practice, education program or educational activity on the basis and/or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics of age, race or ethnicity, color, ancestry, nationality, national origin, immigration status, ethnic group identifications, religion, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, physical disability, mental disability, sex (including sexual harassment), sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, medical information, genetic information, homelessness, foster status, military veteran status, political affiliation or any other basis prohibited by California state and federal nondiscrimination laws consistent with Education Code 200, 220 and 234.1, Penal Code 422.55, Government Code 11135 and Title IX. Not all bases of discrimination will apply to both education services and employment.

Non-discrimination policy
SUSD Teach Out Plan

5) Commission Assurances.

To be granted continuing accreditation by the Committee on Accreditation, Sanger Unified School District’s New Teacher Induction Program will:

  1. Assure that it will fulfill all of the applicable standards of program quality and effectiveness that have been adopted by the Commission,
  2. Assure that all candidates participating in public school-based field activities hold a Certificate of Clearance from the Commission,
  3. Assure that SUSDs Induction Program will cooperate in an evaluation of the program by an external team or a monitoring of the program by a Commission staff member, and
  4. Assure that the program will participate fully in the Commission’s accreditation system, including the timely submission of documents required for accreditation.

Superintendent’s letter

6) Requests for Data.

To be granted continuing accreditation by the Committee on Accreditation, the Program Coordinator will be responsible for reporting and responding to all requests from the Commission for data including, but not limited to, program enrollments, program completers, examination results, including performance assessments, and state and federal reporting within the time limits specified by the Commission.  Contact Information will be updated annually.

Superintendent’s letter

7) Veracity in all Claims and Documentation Submitted.

Sanger Unified School District New Teacher Induction Program positively affirms the veracity of all statements and documentation submitted to the Commission.

Superintendent’s letter

8) Grievance Process.

Sanger Unified School District New Teacher Induction Program has a clearly delineated grievance process for candidates and applicants. The grievance process information is accessible to all candidates and applicants in our Induction Handbook. Candidates and applicants sign an MOU that explains about the grievance process and procedure.

Grievance description from Participating Teacher MOU

9) Faculty and Instructional Personnel Participation.


10) Communication and Information.

SUSD New Teacher Induction Program provides easily accessible and accurate information to the public, prospective educators, and enrolled candidates about the requirements for admission and successful completion of its program.

District website with information

11) Student Records Management, Access, and Security.

Sanger Unified School District New Teacher Induction Program will maintain and retain student records in accordance with the institution’s record retention policy. It verifies that:  

  1. Candidates and graduates have access to and are provided with transcripts and/or other documents for the purpose of verifying program participation and completion.
  2. All candidate records are maintained at the district office.
  3. Records are kept securely in locked cabinets and on a secure server not accessible by the public.

12) Disclosure.

The New Teacher Induction Program will disclose information regarding any outside organizations that provide any direct educational services as all or part of the Program and identify the type of services the outside organization provides.