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Sanger Unified School District

Sanger Unified

Featured Stories

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2020/09/18 Inspiration: Creek Fire Evacuee turns 13, community rallies around student, family.

It’s their third hotel in a matter of days.  The Creek Fire forced them to leave their home in Tollhouse. And distance learning doesn’t stop in an evacuation. Aiden describes the situation in...

2020/08/28 Sequoia Awarded PBIS Recognition!

The California PBIS Coalition is an organization that supports, encourages and recommends PBIS implementation across school districts and campuses. They also provide resources and opportunities...

2020/08/28 Redefining Language Development in a Distance Learning Environment

Sanger Unified School District was recently invited to share their COVID-19 reflections and fall reopening plans with other ELD coaches, teachers, and advocates during a series of webinars hosted...

2020/05/11 Senior Spotlight: Kosi Agina

Sanger Apache Kosi Agina is nominated for the B'nai B'rith award. He holds the school record for the triple jump and will play for Fresno State's football team this fall.

2020/04/27 The SUSD ELD Distance Learning Model

Sanger Unified was featured in CDE's EL Update newsletter (Issue 5). Read the excerpt below:

"The Sanger Unified School District (SUSD) ELD Distance Learning ModelThe SUSD has put together...

2020/04/27 5 Reasons to Boost Listening Literacy in Schools

Sanger Unified was featured in the April 2020 issue of District Administration magazine.