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Sanger Unified School District

Sanger Unified

Goal 1

Provide professional learning in arts integration for all K-12 teachers and administrators, as well as community members such as art docents who provide services to Sanger Unified students. Appropriate professional learning, will include foundational skills in all arts disciplines and strategies for integration with other content areas (ELA, math, science, social studies).

  • Arts integration training for Principals and VAPA lead teachers
  • Arts integration strategies included in grade level teacher training
  • Continue Jefferson Elementary Art Docent Program, expand to Lincoln Elementary

Impact on Students

Ongoing training will build capacity of VAPA site leads, administrators and teachers to become more comfortable with arts integration, allowing for increased opportunities for students to learn through Dance, Music Theatre and Visual Art. Students will benefit from more creative teaching that engaged multiple modalities. Students will master rigorous academic content both in the arts and in other content areas. Students’ arts education will be sequential, and well articulated from grade to grade. Students’ attendance and behavior will improve due to a high level of engagement in school.

Measures of Success

100% of principals attend arts integration training. 100% of K-8 teachers attend arts integration training. 100% of school sites will have a VAPA lead teacher. 100% of K-8 classes will be included in the scope and sequence.