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Sanger Unified School District

Sanger Unified

Goal 2

Provide equitable access to arts education and experiences for all students.

  • Elementary schools will integrate each arts discipline by trimester so that students receive integrated arts education as part of their regular school day.
    • The first trimester will focus on building theatre skills and knowledge
    • The second trimester will focus on building visual arts skills and knowledge culminating in Youth Art Month.
    • The third trimester will focus on building skills and knowledge in dance and music.
  • Multiple arts disciplines may also be implemented throughout the year.
  • Each grade level will have a high quality and diverse arts experience as an audience member.
    • Sanger High School’s theatre department will perform for grades TK-2.
    • 3rd grade will have a visual art experience such as “The Art of the Word” with the Fresno Art Museum.
    • 4th grade will participate a music experience such as the Link Up music program with the Fresno Philharmonic.
    • 5th grade will have a professional dance experience such as the Valley Performing Arts Council’s ballet performances.
    • 6th grade will have a professional theatre experience, such as a Fresno Grand Opera musical or Broadway touring performance.
  • The district will begin hiring new arts specialist teachers and creating capacity for arts instruction.
    • Begin integrated music and movement classes for every 2nd and 3rd grade student.
    • Create a TK-1 music program district-wide
    • Explore new “integrated arts” positions for credentialed teachers, teaching artists, and community volunteers.
    • Look for ways to engage middle and high school staff and students to provide more TK-8 arts experiences for students.
  • School sites will begin engaging student activities related to the arts, such as the Cardboard Challenge or STEAM day.

Impact on Students

All students will have a rich arts experience at every grade level and equal access to a high quality arts education. Students will become aware of career possibilities in each arts discipline. Students will experience the arts of diverse cultures. Students will have the opportunity to connect the arts with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Measures of Success

All TK-8 students will have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on STEAM project, such as the cardboard challenge.
100% of TK-2nd graders will see a high school drama production each year.
100% of 3rd graders will participate in a visual art experience.
100% of 4th graders will participate in a musical experience.
100% of 5th graders will see a professional dance production each year. 100% of 6th graders will see a professional theatre production each year.