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Sanger Unified School District

Sanger Unified

Goal 3

Provide opportunities for all TK-8th grade students to perform or exhibit the arts for community members. Students will have the opportunity to experience performances and exhibits presented by artists and arts groups both on campus and within the community.

  • Create resource list of free or low cost community arts resources and events for students and educators.
  • Create parent docent programs for visual art.
  • Initiate or continue school site arts events centered on existing school activities: Back to School Night, Open House, Cinco de Mayo, Unity Day, Martin Luther King, Red Ribbon Week, Peach Blossom, District Showcase, 
  • Early Literacy Nights, etc.
  • Engage community performers and visual artists in performing and exhibiting at school sites.

Impact on Students

Increased visual art experiences, increased community involvement. Students will become more engaged in their community through frequent exchanges both at school and off site. Students will have the opportunity for their performances and exhibitions to be enjoyed by the community. Students will benefit from a multi-generational approach to teaching. Students will be more excited about going to school.

Measures of Success

Higher visibility of the arts at school site events. A comprehensive community arts resource list shared with all schools. Parent art docent programs will be implemented at all elementary school sites.