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Sanger Unified School District

Sanger Unified

The difficult decision to close Sanger Unified campuses through Friday, June 5, 2020 has been made to ensure the safety and health of our students, staff and families. Campuses may be closed but learning will not stop. Sanger Unified schools are continuing to provide education opportunities during the suspension of on-site classes and programs. Our teams are working towards solving many of the logistic and technology issues surrounding distance learning and will keep you updated regularly.

Read Superintendent Jones' Letter

Procedural Updates

Goal 4

Create a culture of ongoing communication that advocates for the benefits of arts education and arts integration that supports the district vision: 

“All students will have the options to demonstrate what they learn and the opportunities to be successful and achieve their dreams.”

  • Create a communication plan to inform the community and schools of arts events and programs.
    • Arts Programs
      • Create and distribute advocacy information, e.g. brochures, signs, testimonials, research articles, etc.
      • Create a district one-pager on benefits of arts.
      • Display Any Given Child banners at elementary schools.
    • Arts events:
      • Create a communication plan to inform local media of events
      • Create a communication plan to inform parents and community of events

Impact on Students

Increased opportunities for arts experiences for students and the community. Improved communication will increase attendance of families and community members at student performances, and attendance of students and families to community performances.

Measures of Success

A Visual and Performing Arts website has been created, and will be regularly updated with events. Any Given Child banners will be displayed at all school sites. Advocacy information will be shared with and displayed at all school sites. A resource list of free or low cost community arts resources and events for students and educators has been created and shared with all school sites.