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Sanger Unified School District

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Cal-SAFE - Student Enrollment Info

Student Eligibility
Eligibility requirements for students to enroll voluntarily in the Cal-SAFE Program include all three of the following:

  1. The male or female student is an expectant parent, custodial parent, or noncustodial parent taking an active role in the care and supervision of the child.

  2. The student is eighteen years of age or younger (there is no minimum age).

  3. The student is enrolled in a public school education program and working toward a high school diploma or its equivalent.

The children of students enrolled in the following SUSD schools are eligible for the Cal-SAFE child care program: Sanger High School, Community Day School, Kings River, Washington Academic Middle School. Students attending Taft do not meet the full-time student requirement to receive child care services from the Cal-SAFE Program.

Children of Enrolled Cal-SAFE Program Students
Enrolled students may voluntarily enroll their children in child care and development services funded by the Cal-SAFE Program. There is no minimum age for enrollment, but infants must have a release from the pediatrician before enrollment. The average age of the infant for initial enrollment is between four to six weeks. Each child must have a health evaluation form signed by a physician, or his or her designee, before the child is allowed on the school campus or is enrolled in the child care and development program (Education Code Section 54746 [c]).

The child of a Cal-SAFE student is eligible for child care funded by the Cal-SAFE Program until the age of five years or until the child is enrolled in kindergarten, whichever occurs first. However, the teen parent must first be enrolled in the Cal-SAFE Program for the child to be enrolled.