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Redefining Language Development in a Distance Learning Environment

Published on August 28, 2020

Sanger Unified School District was recently invited to share their COVID-19 reflections and fall reopening plans with other ELD coaches, teachers, and advocates during a series of webinars hosted by Listenwise. The Academic Language Development (ALD) team from Sanger High School shared that they initially had to help their students and families overcome obstacles, like accessing the internet and using technology. As with many other staff members, they put in countless hours calling individual students and families. It was critical that they continued to connect with students regularly when they were absent from class or missing assignments.

Before welcoming students back into their digital classrooms this fall, Paul Hernandez and Angelique Duvet-Tovar have pledged to “keep it simple.” They plan to offer a balance of synchro- nous (live) lessons and asynchronous (independent) activities. They will continue to reach out regularly in order to establish relationships and build trust with their students. Like many other colleagues, they spent their summer building new Canvas courses, utilizing high-interest topics and educational apps to differentiate instruction. The team also adapted choice boards to provide a variety of options for students to practice using their academic language skills in authentic and engaging ways.

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