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Sanger Unified

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Sequoia Awarded PBIS Recognition!

Published on August 28, 2020

The California PBIS Coalition is an organization that supports, encourages and recommends PBIS implementation across school districts and campuses. They also provide resources and opportunities for acknowledgement to school sites to help promote starting or continued application of PBIS systems.

This organization recently presented an award to all schools that could show an example of how their site was showing positive supports to families, students, and communities during distance learning.

Sequoia submitted the example of staff and teachers going above and beyond by gathering together to do a drive-by through the Sequoia neighborhoods, to wave to their students and show their love and care during the beginning stages of the quarantine.

Sequoia has shown many other examples of care such as drop- ping off birthday gifts to their students doorsteps, working with families to get technology up and running, counseling families about the challenges during this time, and so many other miscellaneous yet crucial elements to the needs of students and the community at this time.

As this new school year begins, Sequoia continues to follow the motto "We are family, we are wildcats!" while incorporating the new motto, "We are stronger together!"

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