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Sanger Unified School District

Sanger Unified


Updated April 7, 2021

Interdistrict Attendance Permit

Parents/guardians residing in Sanger Unified School District may apply for their child to attend school in a different school district pursuant to an interdistrict transfer. Students are not eligible for transfer during expulsions or disciplinary hearings. (Paraphrased from Education Code 46600).


* Example Scenario: You live within the Sanger district boundary but you are looking to apply your child to a school in Fresno Unified or Clovis Unified, etc..

Intradistrict Transfer Agreement

The parents/guardians of any child who resides within the Sanger Unified School District boundaries may apply to enroll their child in any Sanger district school, regardless of the location of residence within the district. (Paraphrased from Education Code 35160.5).


Example Scenario: If your child's Sanger home school is Reagan Elementary but you wish to apply your child to Centerville Elementary instead.  Both must be SUSD schools.

Parent/Guardian Employment Verification

Parents or guardians employed in the Sanger Unified School District boundaries may apply to the Sanger Unified School District school year due to parent employment. Ed.Code 48204(b).

EMPLOYMENT: PLEASE ATTACH A COPY OF CURRENT PAY STUB SHOWING EMPLOYER NAME AND ADDRESS (Please delete all personal information not needed to verify employment).