Sanger Unified School District
(559) 524-6521
1905 Seventh Street, Sanger, CA 93657

Classified Substitute Employment

Sanger Unified employs substitute classified employees on an on-call basis.  Substitute employees have applied for open positions and have taken the written tests for individual positions. Substitute employees are paid on an hourly basis.  Employees are called to work using the automated Smart Finder sub caller system.  

Help Desk Phone Number: (559) 524-6552
Web Address:

You must have your ID number and PIN number to access the system.

Retirement System

Substitute employees are members of the APPLE Retirement System (Accumulated Program For Part Time and Limited Service Employees), provided by Keenan & Associates. To get a variety of APPLE forms, click here.

Permanent employees who previously worked at Sanger Unified as substitute employees may have an APPLE account with contributions paid during the substitute employment time.