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During the 2015-2016 school year, Sanger Unified teamed up with The Kennedy Center and the Fresno County Office of Education to implement the "Any Given Child" program. The Sanger Community Arts Team was formed to study current instruction in visual and performing arts, identify areas of need, and create an action plan to address those needs. Sanger Unified is on track to meet all goals by the end of the 2018-2019 school year.         


It is the vision of the Sanger Community Arts Team that all TK-8 students have access and opportunities to participate, exhibit, perform and celebrate dance, music, theatre and visual arts through sequential, standards-based curriculum and instruction that inspire creativity throughout the community.


Teaching artists, staff members, arts organizations and the community will work together to enrich the arts experience for students and engage as audience members, mentors and supporters for the arts in schools.    

Goal 1

Provide professional learning in arts integration for all K-12 teachers and administrators, as well as community members such as art docents who provide services to Sanger Unified students. Appropriate professional learning, will include foundational skills in all arts disciplines and strategies for integration with other content areas (ELA, math, science, social studies).

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Goal 2

Provide equitable access to high quality arts education and experiences for all TK-8th grade students.

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Goal 3

Provide opportunities for all TK-8th grade students to perform or exhibit the arts for community members. Students will have the opportunity to experience performances and exhibits presented by artists and arts groups both on campus and within the community.

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Goal 4

Create a culture of ongoing communication that advocates for the benefits of arts education and arts integration that supports the district vision: "All students will have the options to demonstrate what they learn and the opportunities to be successful and achieve their dreams."

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