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Sanger Unified School District

Sanger Unified

Classified Employment

Sanger Unified employs over 500 permanent classified staff members in a wide variety of jobs. Job opportunities may exist in the following fields: child development assistant, para educators for special needs students, clerical and secretarial, custodial, technology, child nutrition services, health services-LVN, grounds, maintenance, and transportation. Positions in Early Childhood Education (Pre-School teacher) require a permit.

CSEA Agreement

Contact Information

  Phone: (559) 524-6521

  Fax: (559) 875-1081

Karina Ledezma, H.R. Supervisor, Confidential

Stephanie Kuraspediani, H.R. Specialist, Confidential

Araceli Piña, H.R. Technician, Substitutes/Work Comp

Gayle DiGiorno, Office Assistant

Vicki Roth, Director of Classified Personnel, Recruitment & Testing

Hope LuceroH.R. Specialist, Personnel Commission, Recruitment & Testing